The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #9 cover]

Issue 9 contains the following:

The Undead Army
Hints for budding Fantasy Warriors necromancers
The Eldar in Space Hulk
Fighting genestealers the classy way
An Inadvertant Omission
Corrections for A Kind of Magic from Rag 7
Deutschland Uber Alles
1960s alternate history (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Blue Watch
Psychoborgs and all that jazz (Firefight)
"Little Boxes made of Tin"
On the canals of Mars (Ironclads and Etherflyers and Sky Galleons of Mars) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Full Thrusted
"He's dead Jim!"
House on the Borderland (Part Two)
Break out the ply and card
Competitive Wargaming
Anoraks on the starboard bow
More Future Facts
Synthetic telepathy and stealth ships
Is Historical Wargaming little more than Fantasy
Peers is an Orc?
Oh Mum, it's Hellfire in the Dirtside too, thank-you
Real SF (not)
Reviews of Man O'War, Middle-Earth Play-By-Mail and miniatures from Peter Pig, UNITS Wargames, Snapdragon and Citadel.