The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #7 cover]

Issue 7 contains the following:

The Games Workshop Experience
John Morgan under fire
Very Real, Thank You
More on realism in SF
Cruel Chances
Card playing in Fantasy Wargaming (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Future Facts
Hardware 'til 2050
Hordes of the Things: Large Scale
HOTT for the big boys! (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
The Big Wheel Machine
The Treasurer raids the Tank Museum archives
Hangar 18
Megadeth, EcoWarriors, the US Army and ET (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Live Roleplay mostly SF
JT attempts to explain
Dirtside - Modern Update
Challengers and T80s on Mars?
A Kind of Magic
New spells for Hordes of the Things
Alien Zombies from the Planet Splaarg!!
They beam down at last (Full Thrust) (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
YurgHaGroak Fortspl and all that jazz (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Reviews of OHMU War Machine, On Our Traditions We Rely, The Necromancer Trilogy, Stroke and Dagger, Warrior and miniatures from Gametech Castings, Peter Pig, Ral Partha and Snapdragon Studio.

Plus a full index to issues 1 - 7.