The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok Compedium 92/93 cover]

This Compendium is a selection of articles from the very first year of Ragnarok.

Are those dwarves getting smaller?
The virtues of necromancy in 6mm (reprinted from Issue 2)
Co-In Operated
SF Co-In Ops in a bog (reprinted from Issue 2)
House of Card
Copydex, Card and Churches (reprinted from Issue 2)
"Red Five! Red Five! Bogeys at six o'clock..." (reprinted from Issue 3)
The Myriad Hosts of Evil
Fantasy Battles for meglomaniacs (reprinted from Issue 3)
Terminator to Colonial Marine
Only pansies wear power armour Space Hulk (reprinted from Issue 3)
The Battle for Bleadon Village
1990s ECW in deepest Wessex (reprinted from Issue 4)
Alternative Histories: Novel Ideas
Where Rome never falls (reprinted from Issue 4)
Wargaming the Fred Flintstone way (reprinted from Issue 6)
Cruel Chances
Card playing in Fantasy Wargaming (reprinted from Issue 7)
Hordes of the Things: Large Scale
HOTT for the big boys! (reprinted from Issue 7)
Hangar 18
Megadeth, EcoWarriors, the US Army and ET (reprinted from Issue 7)
Alien Zombies from the Planet Splaarg!!
They beam down at last (Full Thrust) (reprinted from Issue 7)
YurgHaGroak Fortspl and all that jazz (reprinted from Issue 7)