The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #13 cover]

Issue 13 contains the following:

HOTT in the Pacific
The peoples of the Sourthen Oceans as armies in Hordes of the Things
Dale Revisited
The French perspective
After the Battle
AFV recovery scenario (Hellfire) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Peter Pan - The Wargame
And you thought I was joking... (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
The Battle of Gnitsah
Sdrawkcab ti gnidaer yrt tsuj (Warhammer 40,000) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
The Bridge at Tignacachia
Cue "Ride of the Valkyries" (Fantasy Warlord) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Binny the Chimp
Ook and bananas (Dark Winter) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant in HOTT
I don't believe it... (Hordes of the Things)
Big and Bad
Superships in Full Thrust
Sensors Indicate
RSVP to Timothy Bateson (Full Thrust)
Operation Sealion
1940 and all that jazz...
Rules of Engagement
"Was that a church? Really?" (Dirtside II) (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Thoughts on Terrain
Seeing the woods for the trees
Improving Stargrunt
Firefights and troop quality
Reviews of miniatures from Special Vehicle Force, Grendel, Peter Pig, Alternative Armies, Irregilar Miniatures, P.O.P. Enterprises, Conflict Miniatures, Snapdragon Studio and Trevor.

Plus an insert issue of "The Illustrated Martian Times" and a full index to issues 8 - 13.