The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok Compedium 93/94 cover]

This Compendium is a selection of articles from the second year of Ragnarok.

Peter Pan - The Wargame
Hook, Crocodiles, Indians and the UN... (reprinted from Issue 13)
After the Battle
Time for tea and the odd recovery of an AFV or two. (reprinted from Issue 13)
The Difference Engine
Victorian Steampunk! (reprinted from Issue 10)
Hordes: First Battle of the Dale
A big HOTT battle (reprinted from Issue 8)
Gulliver's Travails
The incredible shrinking rules (reprinted from Issue 12)
Deutschland Uber Alles
A 1960s alternate history (reprinted from Issue 9)
He's so hip and cool! (reprinted from Issue 12)
Squash a few civies in OHMU (reprinted from Issue 12)
Non-Human Intelligence
No, not an article on the editor... (reprinted from Issue 8)
Maui the Trickster
Myths and legends from New Zealand (reprinted from Issue 10)
D.I.Y. Spaceships
Blue Peter in space... (reprinted from Issue 11)
Dancing in the Ruins
There'll be dwarves in them hills... (reprinted from Issue 11)
Better Warfare though Chemistry
The delights of chemical warfarre (reprinted from Issue 11)
Bridge at Tignocahia
Cue "Ride of the Valkyries" (reprinted from Issue 13)
Rules of Engagement
"Was that a church? - really?" (reprinted from Issue 13)
Battle of Gnitsah
Sdrawkcab ti gnidaer yrt tsuj... (reprinted from Issue 13)
Little Boxes made of Tin
The canals on Mars are so nice at this time of year (reprinted from Issue 9)
Better Warfare through Alchemy
The Philosopher's Stoned! (reprinted from Issue 12)
Binny the Chimp
Oook! (reprinted from Issue 13)