The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #12 cover]

Issue 12 contains the following:

The SFSFW Mega-Giveaway Quiz
The 'Mother of all Prizes' to win
Gulliver's Travails!
The incredible shrinking rules (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
He's so hip... (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Squash civies in OHMU (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
The Battle of Cartmarsh
There's Orcs on the Common (Fantasy Warlord)
All For a Herring a Day
Flipper surfaces in Hellfire
Better Warfare through Alchemy
The Combat Alchemist in action (reprinted in the 93/94 Compendium)
Logic Full Thrust
Green blooded observations
SFSFW Committee Meeting Minutes
Who didn't say what
Reviews of Rescue! and miniatures from Ground Zero Games, AMT/ERTL, Blade Miniatures, Ral Partha, Irregular Miniatures amd Micro Machines.

Plus an insert issue of "Warrior", Grenadier's bi-monthly newsletter.