Blue Watch by Nigel Phillips

Issue: 9
System: Blue Watch
Publisher: Alternative Armies

Blue Watch
by Nigel Phillips


FC Crusaders, Templars, Hospitallers and SK Psychoborgs, Battlemasters and Drop Troops wear considerably chunky armour but there are no rules to cover this. There are now...

The armour these troops wear has two affects:

  1. it protects the wearer from gunfire
  2. it restricts movement and general actions due to its bulkiness

This is easily done by converting all '2' General Action Dice is '1's or DODGES. This can be rerolled if desired but it means that you get extra protection at the expense of general actions. Perfect.


There are two types of Psychoborgs I's and II's

Psychoborg I

  • 3xLunchbox (Grenade Launchers)
  • Eel (Flamer)
  • Move: 5
  • Ranged: 5
  • Melee: 4

Psychoborg II

  • Maypole (Chain Gun)
  • Move: 5
  • Ranged: 4
  • Melee: 7

Due to their immense strength their weapons do not affect their move or melee ratings, only the ranged score.

Psychoborgs have 6 hit points. After these are gone the 'borg is 'dead'. As they are hit, there is a chance of critical damage equal to the number of hits they have taken (a strength 2 hit counts as 2 hits etc) over 6.

Critical Damage (D6)

1)    Leg Damage - It now takes two general action dice to move

2)    Gyro Damage - No move

3/4)    Weapon Hit - One Weapon now non-operational

5/6)    CPU/Power Supply/Other - Shutdown

When a 'borg is shutdown it may not be dead. Any turn after shutting down the SK player can announce 'Reviving Psychoborg". If a D6 roll is higher than the amount of damage the 'borg is taken then it is operational again, obviously with the same damage as before.
Note: When a 'borg is shut down it can take damage as normal.

'Borgs should be used in missions with a time limit - do you stick around risking getting behind schedule pumping lead into a shut down 'borg, letting live SK's get away, or do you carry on with the mission risking a very angry Psychoborg creeping up behind you?

At any time deemed suitable a 'borg can self destruct: Strength: 4 AoE: 4

Electronic skill: If a person with this skill is allowed to spend 8 General Action Dice then the 'borg will swap sides.

Repairing Damage: D6 general action dice will repair 1 damage pt but no critical hits.