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Steve Blease
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingRules34Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Orcs and BarbariansMiniatures35KallistraFantasy / 10mm
Chaos Marauders and WarriorsMiniatures36Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Gaunt's Ghosts and RhinoMiniatures36Games WorkshopScience Fiction / 28mm
Confrontation GoblinsMiniatures36RackhamFantasy / 35mm
Hordes of ChaosSupplement36Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Warmaster MagazineSupplement36Games WorkshopFantasy / 10mm
Codex NecronsSupplement37Games WorkshopScience Fiction / 28mm
CeltosRules38i-KoreFantasy / 28mm
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersRules38Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Codex: DaemonhuntersSupplement39Games WorkshopScience Fiction / 28mm
Warhammer Armies: LizardmenSupplement39Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Warhammer Armies: Tomb KingsSupplement39Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingRules40Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Shadow and FlameSupplement40Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Codex Imperial GuardSupplement40Games WorkshopScience Fiction / 28mm
Warhammer: Beasts of ChaosSupplement40Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Warhammer: KislevSupplement40Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
How To Paint Citadel MiniaturesSupplement40Games WorkshopVarious / Various
BattleballBoardgame40MB HasbroScience Fiction / ????
Warhammer Armies: BretonniaSupplement41Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
The Lord of the Rings: Mines of MoriaSupplement48Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Warhammer Armies: DwarfsSupplement50Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Mark Caldwell
Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood and Celtic CavalryMiniatures34HtHistorical / 1/72
Steve Flanagan
Gothic HorrorRules34West WindHorror / 28mm
Mage Knight Black Poweder Army BoxMiniatures34WizkidsFantasy / 35mm
Confrontation miniaturesMiniatures34RackhamFantasy / 35mm
Doctor WhoMiniatures35AlectorScience Fiction / 35mm
Future WarsMiniatures35Copplestone CastingsScience Fiction / 28mm
Street ViolenceMiniatures35Wargames FoundryModern / 28mm
Vampire Hunter$Miniatures35Nightshift GamesHorror / 28mm
ThugzMiniatures36Bobby Jackson's Thrilling Combat MiniaturesModern / 28mm
Future WarsMiniatures36Copplestone CastingsScience Fiction / 28mm
Zombie PlagueMiniatures36Fortress FiguresHorror / 35mm
Street ViolenceMiniatures36Wargames FoundryModern / 28mm
When Darkness Comes! The AwakeningRules38Twilight Creations IncHorror / 28mm
Warhammer: LustriaSupplement47Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Rocketmen: Axis of EvilRules48WizkidsScience Fiction / ???
Chaos in CairoRules48West Wind ProductionsHorror / 28mm
RoadkillRules48West Wind ProductionsScience Fiction / 28mm
Tony Francis
Tau vehicles and Imperial artilleryMiniatures36ForgeworldScience Fiction / 28mm
Matthew Hartley
Marvel Heroclix - Infinity ChallengeRules37WizkidsSuperheroes / 35mm
Graham Harrison
OrcsMiniatures35Vendel MiniaturesFantasy / 28mm
The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Adventure Game - The Two TowersRules39Decipher IncFantasy / None
Maps of Middle EarthSupplement40Decipher IncFantasy / None
David Manley
Strange TydesRules35Wessex GamesFantasy / 1/1200
ZombiesBoardgame35Journeyman PressHorror / 28mm
Iron Cow 2103ADRules39Wessex GanesScience Fiction / 6mm
Ken Natt
Gangs of Mega-City OneRules48Mongoose PublishingScience Fiction / 30mm
Russel Parkin
Empires of ArcanaBoardgame47Thane's GamesFantasy / none
Timothy N Peterson
Post-Apocalypse GangMiniatures34KallistraScience Fiction / 28mm
Steve Pugh
SpacedockRules34Steve LongScience Fiction / No Scale
Weed KillerRules34Limited Appeal GamesScience Fiction / No Scale
David Ratcliffe
MechWarrior: Dark AgeRules41WizkidsScience Fiction / 1/160
The Battle of the Five ArmiesRules47Games WorkshopFantasy / 10mm
.45 AdventuresRules50Rattrap PublicationsPulp / None
Sebastian Rogers
Guns and Girls (alias Chain Reaction)Rules41Two Hour WargamesModern / 28mm
Philip Sidebotham
Future WarsRules50HLBSScience Fiction / 28mm
David F Stuckey
OGRE miniaturesMiniatures34Steve Jackson GamesScience Fiction / 6mm
CAV miniaturesMiniatures34ReaperScience Fiction / 6mm
OGRE miniaturesMiniatures35Steve Jackson GamesScience Fiction / 6mm
OGRE miniaturesMiniatures36Steve Jackson GamesScience Fiction / 6mm
OGRE Book (2nd Edition)Rules37Steve Jackson GamesScience Fiction / 6mm
Kevin John Thomas
Alien Squad LeaderRules39Alex SelfScience Fiction / 15mm
Hard VacummRules40Fat Messiah GamesScience Fiction / None
Science Gone MadSupplement40Fat Messiah GamesScience Fiction / None
Ray Turner
Steel LeviathansRules37SM RulesVictorian Science Fiction / 28mm
SenetBoardgame37Egypt Centre, University of Wales, SwanseaHistorical / None
Give Me The BrainCard Game37Cheapass GamesHorror / None
Weed Killer Update PatchRules37Limited Appeal GamesScience Fiction / No Scale
Armies of Arcana (4th Edition)Rules39Thane's GamesFantasy / 15mm
PokethuluRules39Dork Storm PressHorror / None
Roger Webb
Grav Tank and HawkmenMiniatures34M J FiguresScience Fiction / 15mm
The Fellowship of the RingMiniatures34Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Cars and wreckageMiniatures34AinstyScience Fiction / 28mm
Mythical Mini CreaturesMiniatures35Early Learning CentreFantasy / varies
High ElvesMiniatures35Games WorkshopFantasy / 28mm
Middle Earth Cave Troll and BalrogMiniatures35Games WorkshopFantasy / 25mm
Barbarian WomenMiniatures36AmazonFantasy / 25mm
Cimexian AliensMiniatures36Brigade ModelsScience Fiction / 6mm
Dragon WarsRules39Over The Wire GamesFantasy / 15mm
WarlordsRules41Over The Wire GamesFantasy / 28mm
John Wilson
SupersystemRules34West WindSuperheroes / 28mm
Frag: DeadlandsBoardgame36Steve Jackson GamesFantasy / none
MunchkinBoardgame36Steve Jackson GamesFantasy / none
Star Fleet Battle ForceBoardgame36Amarillo Design BureauScience Fiction / none
Monster IslandRules38Firefly GamesScience Fiction / None
Giant Monster RampageRules38Mystic Eye GamesScience Fiction / None
Power Projection: EscortRules39BITSScience Fiction / None
The Rookie's Guide to Block WarsSupplement39Mongoose PublishingScience Fiction / None
Power Projection: FleetRules41BITSScience Fiction / None
GaslightRules41LMW WorksVictorian Science Fiction / No Scale
Cthulhu 500Card Game48Atlas GamesHorror / None
Slag!Rules49BTRCScience Fiction / None
To Be Continued... By GaslightSupplement49LMW WorksPulp / None
Babylon 5 - A Call to ArmsRules50Mongoose PublishingScience Fiction / None
Space Vixens from MarsRules51Mitchell SmithScience Fiction / 28mm
BattlestationsBoardgame51Gorilla GamesScience Fiction / None