The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #37 cover]

Issue 37 contains the following:

Escape from Island X
Trash Tokyo/Harpoon Ebriah/Godzilla scenario
Armies of Novaria
Details from Sprague de Camp's books for Hordes of the Things players
Aeronef: 1889
Converting Aeronef to the Space 1889 background
The Evil That Men Do
Generic contemporary alien scenario
In the Garden of Allah
Full Thrust/Dirtside 2 campaign between SemFed and Islamic forces
Hidden Movement
Suggestions on how to recreate on the tabletop
Dwarven Torpedo Boats
New Man O'War vessel
Manufacturers' Web Sites
A discourse
The Melting Pot
Reviews of miniatures from Black Tree Designs, Brigade Models, Foundry, Four Color Miniatures, Games Workshop, Gripping Beast, Ground Zero Games, I-Kore, Perrin Miniatures, Tabletop Miniatures, Wessex Games and West Wind Productions.
The Rules of War
Reviews of Marvel Heroclix - Infinity Challenge, Ogre Book 2nd ed, Steel Leviathans, Senet, Give Me The Brain, Codex: Necrons and Weed Killer Patch Update.