The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #3 cover]

Issue 3 contains the following:

Research and Respectability
Getting serious
Slice and Dice those plastic figures
Back to Reality
The Secretary reviews miniatures that don't exist (?)
"Red Five! Red Five! Bogeys at six o'clock..." (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Wargames Conventions
What, who, where and why
"Where the brass bands go tiddly pom-pom-BANG!" (Dirtside)
What is it we do when we do what we're doing?
More on morality
A nice bit of hardware for Space 1899 buffs
Practical Hordes
The 50,000 mile road test (Hordes of the Things)
Modes in Dirtside
Some, er, modes for um, well, Dirtside
Terminator to Colonial Marine
Only pansies wear power armour Space Hulk (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
"Multiple signals all round!"
Miniatures for Aliens games
The Myriad Hosts of Evil
Fantasy Battles for meglomaniacs (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
The Quartermasters Store
Reviews of Full Thrust, 2nd Ed, W*rstar, The War in 2020, Aliens - the Special Edition and miniatures from Alternative Armies, Halcyon Models, Irregular Miniatures and Leading Edge Games.