The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #2 cover]

Issue 2 contains the following:

Are those dwarves getting smaller?
The virtues of necromancy in 6mm (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Marsh Elves
Elves in a bog
Iron Cow
Quick play 6mm SF Armour Rules
HMAF Sussex
A Kite for the Royal Navy (Space 1899)
Co-In Operated
SF Co-In Ops in a bog (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
Why we do what we do
Peace Sells with John Treadway
It's not what we do but the way that we do it
An alternative perspective
An overview of Shirow's classic Manga
House of Card
Copydex, Card and Churches (reprinted in the 92/93 Compendium)
The Quartermasters Store
Reviews of Centurion, 2nd Ed, Newcastle Fairly Fast Ancients Rules/Newcastle Adquately Fantastic Fantasy Rules, The Round Table, Compendium of Modern Firearms, Mornigstar and miniatures from Denizen Miniatures, Ground Zero Games, Leading Edge Games, Ral Partha and Wargames Foundry.