The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #22 cover]

Issue 22 contains the following:

Steel Sheep
Blowing things up, properly! (Iron Cow)
Horrible, furry things with scaly tails (Fantasy Warriors)
Living with the Big Lie
Life is a bundle of fun (High Crusade)
An alternative history scenario for Fox Two!
It's a kind of magic
Concentrate, really hard (Hordes of the Things)
Warfare on the Internet
Blah, blah, jargon, 24,400 bps... (Gosh, that dates it!)
Ceramic Turkey
Left, left, right, on target (Iron Cow)
To some an endangered species
Here there be Dragons
Hordes of them to be honest (Hordes of the Things)
Motor Mania
This is not how I drive
The Northen Border War (again)
More Tolkien
Bombs Away
We're not politically biased, are we? (Full Thrust)
Reviews of Field of Hell, Bughunt, Striker II, Dirtside II Data Cards and miniatures from Invicta Models, Ground Zero Games, Citadel Miniatures and PM Models.