Ratfied Army Lists by Guy Dawe

Issue: 22
System: Fantasy Warriors
Publisher: Grenadier Miniatures UK / Stratelibri.

Ratfied Army Lists
by Guy Dawe

General Rules

Ratfiend armies can have one allied command of warriors from any of the following races: undead, trolls, ogres, goblins, orcs. The allied command cannot outnumber the rest of the army and must have an allied battle leader to lead it. The allied command can include the undead or the other races, but not both. An allied command cannot include any individuals.

As Ratfiends can smell fear they all become fanatics when fighting an enemy suffering from bad light. A Ratfiend army can contain 1 army standard talisman and one poison cauldron sacred item per army. 1 Beloved Personage may appear in the army only if it is fighting underground. Only Ratfiend skulkers can scout.

Troop Types

Ratfiend Slaves/Gladiators

InfPoorTri/Fan-1+11Lt/ShSp4*NoNoNo2+1 Ave540
SlingersPoorTri/Fan-1+11Lt/ShSl4*NoNoNo3+3 Vet
+5 El

As Ratfiend slaves/gladiators have manacled feet they can never rout or go bloodlust.

Ratfiend Warriors

Inf Ave Tri/Fan - - 1 Md/Sh Hd 8 No No No 5 +3 Vet 5 40
Inf Ave Tri/Fan - - 1 Md 2Hd 8 No No No 5 +3 Vet 5 20
Crew Ave Tri4 - 2 Md Gn 8 No NoNo5/15-12 per gun

Ratfiend Shadowguards


A maximum of one unit of Shadowguards is allowed per 1000 points of the army.

Ratfiend Warrior Monks

InfEliteFan--1Md2Hd8NoNoNo6+3 Vet510

Each unit of monks must include at least one priest and one soothsayer who must stay with the unit throughout the battle.

Ratfiend Giants


Ratfiend Grenadiers #1

InfAveTri/Fan--1MdHd/Gr8NoNoNo20+3 Vet210

Ratfiend Flame-Thrower #2 / Blunderbusser #3 / Snipers #4

InfAveTri/Fan--1MdHd/Fl8NoYesNo30+3 Vet12 per gun

Ratfiend Fiend


Fiends are Tri in daylight and Fan in the dark/underground.

Ratfiend Beserkers

NormalAveFan+1-1Lt2Hd 9NoNoNo20n/a510

Ratfiend Skulkers


Can only go bloodlust if visible enemy routing and visible friendly bloodlust.

Leaders and Warchiefs

Btt LeaderElTri/Fan+2-2Md/ShHd87NoNo35+Ln/an/an/a


Hero ElTri/Fan +2 -1 5 Md/Sh Hd 8 7 No No 80 n/a n/a n/a
Wizard VetTri/Fan - - 1 None Hd 10 7 No No 10+M n/a n/a n/a
Priest AveTri/Fan - - 1 None Hd 10 7 No No 80 n/a n/a n/a
Sooth PoorTri/Fan - - 1 None Hd 10 7 No No 40 n/a n/a n/a
CourierAveTri/Fan - - 1 Md/Sh Hd 16 7 No No 40 n/a n/a n/a
Scout VetDisc - - 1 None Hd/Hd 10 7 No No 60 n/a n/a n/a
Herald VetTri/Fan +1 -1 1 Md Hd/Hd 8 7 No No 40 n/a n/a n/a
Banner VetTri/Fan +2 -1 2 Md 2Hd 8 7 No No 60 n/a n/a n/a
MarksmanVetTri/Fan - - 1 Md Hd/M 8 7 No No 60 n/a n/a n/a

Effects of Special Weapons

Grenades have a short range of 4 inches only, due to the erratic nature and primitive gunpowder used. Roll a D6 if a hit is made:

1 is always a miss as the fuse blows out.
2 is one hit
3, 4, 5 is 2 hits
6 is a catastrophic explosion causing 6 hits including the grenadier.

Flame-throwers have a short range of 4 inches only and like grenadiers roll a D6 if a hit is made.

1 is always a miss
2 is 1 hit
3, 4, 5 is two hits
6 is a catastrophic explosion causing 6 hits including both crew figures.

Vs Armour Table

WeaponShortLongNo ArmourLtMdHvyXHvyBlackening Sky
Blunderbuss483,4,5,64,5,65,6662 Volleys

Ratfiend Tricks

Chittering Charm

Any unit with a herald may sing and perform so as to attract a swarm of vermin, rats, mice, weasels, bats, foxes etc. A unit so performing has its worth for each figure increased by 1 for the first round of combat. A unit may only perform if its morale status is OK and not disorganised.

A unit so performing may not fire any missile weapons

Ratfiend Giants/Fiends/Berserkers and Skulkers cannot perform.

A unit performing cannot receive any commands and individuals in the unit cannot use any of their special powers.

Field Fortifications

Ratfiends can only utilise spiked pits, but if they outmanoeuvre the enemy then spiked pits can be hidden and are only revealed if anyone moves across them.

New Spells

Pollute Water

This will cause any watery terrain to become horribly polluted. If any enemy units attempt to cross, or are in the terrain then they must pass a command test to move and/or fire. Failure means that they flinch at the edge of the river, swamp, stream, ford , lake etc. and/or cannot fire. this turn. Subsequent attempts can be made in later movement turns in the game. This does not affect airborne flying units, terrifying creatures, undead, or units crossing in boats or at bridges or following a path through a swamp.

Magic power cost is 2D.

NB Druids can reverse the effect of the spell by casting Create Hostile Terrain which does not need to be maintained.

Rabid Frenzy

Can only be cast by Ratfiends, not Giants or Fiends. the unit automatically goes into bloodlust and advances towards the nearest enemy that can be seen and reached without having to cross water.

Resilience is improved by -1.

Magic power is 3D if OK, 4D if shaken, and 5D if routing, -1D if Fanatic +1D if poor quality +1 D if Disciplined.

Typical Starter Army 1000 points

Warchief (leadership 4)90
10 Skulkers including leader, champion specials170
10 Shadowguards including musician, leader, champion, specials180
20 Warriors 2Hd including musicians, leader, champion, specials130

Battle Leader (leadership 3)70
10 Warrior Monks including priest, soothsayer, leader, std bearer, specials180
3 Ratfiends Giants90
4 Blunderbusses including leader, special90
1500 points additional
1 Hero80
1 Herald40
1 Magician with 34 MP180
10 Berserkers200
2000 points additional
Battle Leader (Leadership 3)70
5 Snipers200
20 Elite Gladiators with Sp including leader and musician200
10 Poor Slaves with slings30

I haven't play tested this army properly so any suggestions or improvements that Society members can make would be appreciated. It must be borne in mind that this list is based firstly on my own collection of Citadel Skaven, so any bias in the lists is purely mine.

Ed Note: Fantasy Warriors is a set of fantasy battle rules akin to Warhammer Fantasy Battles that was published by the now defunct Grenadier UK. Fortunately the game has recently been re-released by Italian company Stratalibri under the miniatures label Nemo. The boxed game contains 104 plastic miniatures and 6 lead ones and some aterations have apparently been made since the original release.