The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #27 cover]

Issue 27 contains the following:

Under Pressure
Defends Undersea Base 221 against Alien Subs (Harpoon)
In the Midnight Hour
Hunting down Dwarves, Barbarian style (Leviathan)
Thunder on Zyrna
Mercenaries attempt to sieze Nukes (Dirtside II)
The Battle of Maungaiti
Taniwha attack To Totaraaroha's Pa (Hordes of the Things)
Brass Monkey
Iron Cow stats for Space Marine vehicles
Armies for F/SF Gamers
H Beam Piper's Paratime Police
Surprise & Subterfuge
The element of surprise on the tabletop
Wargaming CoIn Ops
Counter Insurgency on the F/SF battlefield
The corridors all look the same
Not for claustrophobics
Not just a string and a bent stick
More thoughts on archery on the tabletop
Be it ever so humble
Architecture in a Victorian SF universe
Spiel '96
A look ar the German games spectacular
The Melting Pot
Reviews of miniatures from Harlequin Miniatures, Faust Studios, Fantasy Productions, Ground Zero Games, Guernsey Foundry, Brigade Miniatures and Alternative Armies.
The Rules of War
Reviews of Space Hulk, Warhammer and Cold Iron.