The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #15 cover]

Issue 15 contains the following:

"To Promote the Wargaming Hobby in General to the Public"
Some Observations on James Clay's "Techno Dwarf"
Chinese Dragons
An oriental theme on a traditional fantasy monster (Hordes of the Things)
Strategic/Tactical Airlift in Science Fiction
It's a plane
Chariot Miniatures
An in depth review of these metal miniatures
Marching through Georgia
An alternative look at WW2
Sharpe's Fantasy
A Napoleonic article, with a subtle difference
Hordes of the Things for Hordes of the Things
Hot stuff
Rantings from Underneath the Wargames Table: Part 2
Fine Force and Valour
There be Dwarves in them hills
Reviews of High Crusade, Star Trek Encyclopedia, GURPS Vehicles, ST:DS9 Videos, Babylon 5, The Ten Thousand and miniatures from Grendel Productions, Legion Miniatures, AIM Fine Cast Miniatures, MicroMachines and Trev's Terrain.

Plus an insert containing "Deep Thrust" - a special Full Thrust supplement.