The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #52 cover]

Issue 52 contains the following:

The Last Command of Aphrodite Jones
Gang warfare in Mega City 1
Bad Mother
Fighting Bugs the Matthew Hartley way
Inventing Armageddon
VSF warfare
Tiger Tiger
The Stars My Destination
Chasing the Thompson Trophy
Air racing for Crimson 21
And One More Thing ...
A Warhammer Fantasy Battles rant
The Rules of War
Reviews of War on Terror: The Boardgame and Mission: Red Planet
The Melting Pot
Reviews of models by Baccus 6mm Ltd., C-in-C Soft Metal Castings, KaiserRushforth Ltd., Sloppy Jalopy, Trumpeter and Warrior Miniatures.

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