The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

 [Ragnarok #30 cover]

Issue 30 contains the following:

Da Derga's Hostel
The Din of Slaughter, Celtic style (Hellswords & Sorcery)
Hostile Contact
UFOs over 1960s' New Mexico (Fox Two!)
Hobbits in the Windy Isles, Mon! (Flintloque)
Slammin' the Dirt
The Ultimate Mercenaries in Dirtside II
Tora!! Tora!! Tora!!
Aircraft Carriers for Man o'War
Target Engines Only!
Non-Lethal Weapons in Full Thrust
Raven: Fast Play
A cut down version of Harlequin's Raven
Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?
Superman & co in Wargaming
An interview with...
GZG's Mr Tuffley
In The Spotlight
FASA's Crimson Skies
The Melting Pot
Reviews of miniatures from Agents of Gaming, Brigade Models, Games Workshop, Gripping Beast, Ground Zero Games, Irregular Miniatures and Lancashire Games.
The Rules of War
Reviews of Trash Tokyo and Deadloque II.