Issue: 34
System: Strange Tydes
Publisher: Wessex Games

Go with the Floe
being a tale of love and ice by Matthew Hartley


Far to the north of the Barbarous Coast, lie the frozen lands and frozen sea of Frigia. A wild and desolate land and a wild and desolate sea.

An ancient and obscure tradition amongst the Dark Elves of Mrgurin permits the daughters of the nobility to engage in one wild and improbable liaison with a elf of the lower classes before settling to a life staid respectability. As time went on each daughter chose to out do her mother in the extravagance and daring of her liaison. To facilitate the ambitions of another generation of dbutantes, a enterprising entrepreneur has built a huge luxury ship, the Tantric, and embarked on a cruse of the Frigian Sea.

As the Tantric currently entertains the daughters of a number of leading political and military figures it has been accompanied, at a discreet distance, by a pair of heavily armed frigates.

The wanderings of the Tantric have come to the attention of the famed warrior Captain Orace E.O. Hrnebugga, commanding the frigate Royal Spleen, and accompanied by Indolent. Hrnebugga, every the gentleorc, is determined to liberate the noble elf womanhood from the clutches of the plebeian elven gigolos.

The Scene:

The Tantric has in fact sailed to a highly dangerous ice-field and its escorts are closing fast to offer assistance, when Hrnebugga appears.

The Tantric starts the game placed in the middle of the table moving accross it lenghways. It's starting speed must not exceed 4cm. The Tantric is a Large vessel, with Merchant quality guns and crew, and no marines.

The table should be littered with icebergs (white Styrofoam packaging suitably mangled with a bread knife is ideal). The more Bergs, the better. All icebergs are treated as islands if rammed.

The Tantric's escorts, Jalapino and Favala, must both appear along one of the shorter table edges. Both are Medium vessels, with Green crews but Heavy guns. Neither vessel may begin at more than half maximum speed.

Royal Spleen and Indolent may appear along any table edge. Both are Medium vessels, with Sea Dog crews and Normal guns. Neither vessel may begin at more than half maximum speed.

The Orcs must board and capture Tantric to win the game, the elves must prevent this. Both sides loose however if Tantric sinks.