United Nations Space Command by Garry Milton

Issue: 28
System: Full Thrust
Publisher: Ground Zero Games

United Nations Space Command
by Garry Milton


The First Solar War raged for nearly five years between the NAC and the ESU. During this war, a number of battles came very close to being fought in the Core Systems. Once the Freisland Peace Accord had been signed, it became apparent that any future conflict could spread into these systems again. To prevent this from occurring, the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) was formed.

The mandate of the UNSC was laid out and finalised on February 12th 2143. the major roles of the UNSC were:

  • To prevent combat in the Core Systems.
  • To act as an independent peace-keeping force in the Inner Colonies.
  • To be responsible for Customs Inspection in the Core Systems.
  • To undertake exploration and research missions.
  • To be responsible for rescue/medical duties throughout Terran Space.

Until there were sufficient numbers of indigenous UNSC starship designs, vessels were loaned to them by the various powers, and fitted with IFF transponders that clearly identified the vessels, and it was these ships that dealt with the Second Solar War, serving with distinction.

As the UNSC was to be funded by the various power blocs, it was thought expedient to design their starships utilising components from these powers. the NAC was the leading manufacturer of sublight drives, so they manufactured the engines, the FSE produced easily maintained weapons systems, the NSL, already the leading manufacturer of freighters, provide the crew modules. These sections are then assembled in one of the UNSC's six shipyards.

Originally, UNSC crews were simply provided by the various powers for a one-year tour. On the whole, this worked well, with surprisingly few incidents of UNSC personnel attempting to further the ends of their own particular power. However, in 2165, the NAC launched a lightning attack on the ESU, gaining initial successes with vessels armed with Pulse Torpedoes, a top-secret UNSC weapon. Investigations revealed that the plans had been provided by NAC Lieutenant Shane Leonard at the end of his tour. The UNSC provided technical data on Pulse Torpedoes to all powers, and began to recruit permanent personnel. By 2171, all UNSC vessels and facilities were crewed solely by independent officers and men.

UNSC Starship Designs

The starships used by the UNSC do not fit into the usual design principles, with many of them designed and customised for specialised duties. This policy has resulted in vessels that do not conform to established patterns. (Note: this does NOT mean that players designing their own vessels can break the Full Thrust design rules, UNSC designs use the parameters that can not be reflected in these rules).

Mass: 6, Damage Points: 3, 3 C Batteries (3-arc fire), Thrust: 8, Non-FTL, Points: 39
Mass: 12, Damage Points: 6, 2 B Batteries (2-arc fire), 1 C Battery (3-arc fire), 1 PDAF, Non-FTL, Thrust: 8, Points: 81
Mass: 26, Damage Points: 13, 1 Pulse Torpedo Tube, 2 B Batteries (2-arc fire), 1 PDAF, Level 1 Screens, Thrust: 6, Points: 214
Mass: 32, Damage Points: 16, 1 Pulse Torpedo Tube, 1 A Battery (3-arc fire), 2 B Batteries (2-arc fire), 1 PDAF, Level 1 Screens, Thrust: 4, Points 230
Mass: 44, Damage Points: 22, 1 Pulse Torpedo Tube, 1 A Battery (3-Arc Fire), 2 B Batteries (2-arc fire), 1 C Battery (3-arc fire), 2 PDAF, Level 2 Screens, Thrust: 4, Points: 411
Mass: 70, 4 Fighter Bays, 2 C Batteries (3-arc fire), 3 PDAF, Level 2 Screens, Thrust: 2, Points: 499
Typical Fighter Complement consist of two flights of Star Cougar Fighters and two flights of Star Tiger Heavy Fighters.
Mass: 6, Damage Points: 3, Level 1 Screens, Thrust: 8, Points: 61
Mass: 60, Damage Points: 15, Level 3 Screens, Thrust: 4, Points: 465
Mass: 48, Damage Points: 12, 3 C Batteries (3 arc fire), 2 PDAF, Thrust: 4, Points: 333

Note: The high points cost of the Thunderbird and Samaritan Class represent their value and not their combat effectiveness.

Ed Note: Full Thrust is a simple, flexible and highly popular game of starship combat which must rate as one of the all time Classic games. Full Thrust has won the Best SF Rules category every time the SFSFW Awards have been held. For further details regarding price and availability, send an SSAE to Ground Zero Games PO Box 337, Needham Market, Suffolk, IPA 8LN.