Sharke's Enemy by Steve Blease

Issue: 21

System: Flintloque
Publisher: Alternative Armies

Sharke's Enemy
by Steve Blease

A wounded Elf cried and crawled towards the wall. The dead were thick at the crossroads where they had taken a single volley of musket fire at a range so close that hardly a weapon could miss. The Voltigeurs were going back towards the village, leaderless and frightened, and Sharke was standing close to their fallen Major. The Elf's horse was running free in the valley.

Sharke walked back. He could see that the retreating Voltigeurs were now far away, unformed and no threat. He looked towards the temple and saw the huge figure of his Bog Orc Sergeant. "A good fight eh, Harpy?"

Harpy laughed, swinging his massive seven barrel gun over his shoulder. "Oi soir. That'd it be."

The Bog Orc tensed and looked beyond Sharke. "Bugger me soir! Bloody Elf Cavalry!"

Sharke turned quickly, his rifle in his hands. There approaching the crossroads, the sun reflecting off their golden breastplates came a section of Elven Cuirassiers, swords raised...

(Apologies to Bernard Cornwell)


Flintloque is a new set of black powder fantasy skirmish rules from Alternative Armies. This scenario is one set in the world of Valon and utilises the figures that come with the rules and others from the new Flintloque range. It is loosely based upon the scenario in Sharpe's Enemy by Bernard Cornwell, an excellent novel that you should read even if you have no interest in the Napoleonic period.

Lieutenant Sharke and his elite Orc Rifle section had been on a mission to track down deserters when things went disastrously wrong. With a section of regular Redcoats from the 62nd South Mordor Foot, Sharke had stumbled upon an Elf plan to outflank the Orc armies by traversing a northerly route through a mountain pass called La Entrada de Diabolo near the village of Orcados.

Sharke's force had just reached a ruined temple at the pass when the Elven advanced force of Voltigeurs - light infantry, turned up.

Orc Force:

The Orcs comprise of one section of six Orc Rifles (as detailed in the scenarios accompanying the rules) and one section of ten Orc Redcoats.

The Redcoats are Regular troops under the command of a Sergeant and all carry muskets. The Sergeant and two others (players choice) are Experienced, four Average and the remaining three Raw. One of the Experienced troopers and one of the Raw have magical abilities and the exact nature of this should be found out by using the spell table.

The Orcs all start the game within two foot of their table edge and can be placed in cover (if available).

Elf Force:

The Elves have a Voltigeur platoon at their disposal, almost at full strength under the command of Major Ducoos. One section comprises of eighteen troopers, six Experienced, seven Average and five Raw. The second fifteen troopers, four Experienced, five Average and six Raw. Any magical abilities should be ascertained using the magic rules. The Platoon HQ unit is at full strength and the Major is mounted.

The Voltigeur unit is Regular and all troops carry muskets, except Major Ducoos who carries a sword and pistol.

The Elves enter the table on the road leading to the pass.

Orc Reinforcements:

The Orcs have an basic twenty percent chance of receiving reinforcements from the local Dark Elf guerrilla commander. The Orc player must dice for them each turn, deducting a cumulative 10% from each turns dice roll.

The reinforcements enter from the Orc players table edge and comprise of a section of Dark Elf Guerrillas, twelve troops, six carrying muskets, three spears and three pistols and swords. Four are Experienced, six Average and two Raw. Roll for any magical talent.

Elven Reinforcements:

The Elves will receive further troops in the form of a section of Elven Cuirassiers after four moves and a further Voltigeur section after six.

The Cuirassiers are a Regular Heavy Cavalry unit armed with sword and pistol. There are eight troopers in the section, two Experienced, five Average and one Raw. Roll as appropriate for magical talents.

The Voltigeur section is under strength and only comprises of ten troopers. One is Experienced, three Average and six Raw. All are armed with muskets and magical talent should be rolled for.


The Orcs must hold off the Elves for twelve moves and prevent them capturing the La Entrada de Diabolo. After twelve moves the Orc army will arrive having marched to the guns.

The Elves must do the opposite and take the pass, clearing the table of any Orcs. Heavy casualties are acceptable in achieving this aim, though the troops on the ground may disagree.

Ed Note: Flintloque is a set of Black Powder Fantasy wargames rules produced by Alternative Armies and was reviewed in Ragnarok 23. Flintloque won both Best New Fantasy/SF Rules and Best Fantasy Rules in the 1996 SFSFW Awards and Alternative Armies also retained the Best Fantasy Figure Manufacturer category as well. For further details regarding price and availability, send an SSAE to Alternative Armies, Unit 6, Parkway Court, Glaisdale Parkway, Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4GN.