How to Join

Membership of the SFSFW will start with the current issue of Ragnarok and run through the next five, unless the current issue is out of print in which case members will receive the next six issues.

Membership of the Society entitles members to the following benefits:

Six issues of Ragnarok
- the Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming
- from a wide range of companies including Ground Zero Games, Irregular Miniatures, Peter Pig, Adler Miniatures, Wessex Games and a host of others

The Society is a non-profit making organisation and is run voluntarily.
Please note that all the above information will be stored on a computer for the purpose of maintaining society records. Please indicate if you do not wish your address to be passed on to other Society members. The Committee of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction wargamers reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant. Membership of the Society is revocable by the Committee without cause.