About the SFSFW web site


After a few unsettled years the site is now with a much more reliable host (see ad on this page) and now lives at just one address: www.sfsfw.org. Any other address that we've used in the past may or may not work now and may stop working at any point in the future.


If there's anything broken or difficult to use please send the details to webmaster(*)sfsfw.org. But have a quick read of the following first to make sure that it really is a problem.

To make the site as fast and as easy to update as possible, modern web technologies such as stylesheets have been used throughout. This means that the site will look different in browsers which have little or no support for stylesheets. In the case of browsers dating from the late 1990s (such as Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4), which have buggy support for stylesheets, there may be some very rough edges to the presentation of the site. However, we have tried our best to make sure that these don't affect your ability to read the content.

You may see e-mail addresses appearing like webmaster(*)sfsfw.org on some pages. We're using a few tricks to keep the e-mail addresses hidden from spammers but those same tricks only 'decode' the e-mail addresses (i.e. change the (*) to a @) in modern browsers which support the full Document Object Model (this should include Internet Explorer 5 and upwards, Netscape 6 and upwards and Opera 7 and upwards) so long as JavaScript is enabled. Obviously our human readers are much smarter than spam robots and can correct the e-mail addresses manually if they need to send us a message. Or even simpler they can use the feedback form.

Shortcut Keys

You may have noticed the odd bolded letter in the navigation links at the bottom of each page (don't worry if you can't see them - they don't appear in every browser). These indicate which letter functions as a shortcut key (or access key) to that link.

This means that you can jump straight to that link. Exactly how you do that depends on your browser and operating system:

On some browsers this may cause conflicts with other functions. For example, typically in English languages versions of Windows Internet Explorer ALT+A opens the Favorites menu, but the shortcut key for the SFSFW Awards page overrides this. You can still open the Favorites menu by pressing and releasing ALT and then pressing A.

The techie bit

The site is coded in a subset of HTML 5+ARIA and CSS2.1 with back-end bits done in PHP and a little bit of Perl.